Flea Watch!

By March 27, 2012 July 17th, 2017 Parasites

The unseasonably warm temperatures this year are bringing with it a pesky parasite, the flea.  The optimum temperature for the flea’s life cycle is between 21 to 30 degrees.  These temperatures provide the prime environment for flea breeding and feeding.  Given that one female flea can lay over 500 eggs during her lifetime, your pet can become infested very quickly.   The best way to avoid a flea infestion on your pet and in your home, is to prevent the fleas from setting up camp on your pet! There are several products out there advertising flea control, however many will not kill all life stages of the flea (egg, larva, pupae, adult).  If you have a product that only kills the adult fleas, it will seem like you took care of the problem initially, but in a few weeks the eggs/larva/and pupae will emerge, and presto, a whole new infestation!  The key to prevention is using a product that will eliminate all stages.  Consult your veterinarian today to find out which product will be best for you pet!

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