Holiday Gifts Ideas for Your Pet

By December 4, 2012 Holidays

Holiday Gift Ideas

If you are not sure what to get your pet, check our our gift ideas below! Gifts should be safe and healthy for your pets.

Practical Items:

  • Microchip identification and/or an identification tag
  • Pet insurance
  • Dental products such as MediChews, CET Chews or Healthy Mouth
  • Veterinary visists for preventative health care such as updating vaccines, wellness blood work or dental cleanings will benefit your pet in more ways than one!

Pampering Products:

A new bed or blanket for those cold winter nights will make a great gift.  Pet beds that blend into the home decor are deal with guests visiting.

Pamper your pet with personalized dishes.


You just can’t go wrong.


Packed with Nutrition: MediCal and Eukanuba make great treats for dogs & cats.

Don’t buy treats that your pet has not had before. Stick to what your pet normally eats. We don’t want an upset tummy. Treats may come in a special Christmas container. A new treat jar can be a great way to store your pet’s favourite snack.   


Dogs always enjoy these treats! However, it is important to buy the right size for your pet to avoid choking hazards. Stick to what is normal for your pet. Moderation is the key. Always supervise your pet while they are enjoying their treat. Rawhides should be removed if they become too soft or too small. If your pet doesn’t normally eat them then try a new toy instead.


Hard bones and nylon bones can damage dogs’ teeth. Avoid toys that are very hard.
Destructible toys can be choking hazards or cause intestinal blockages.
Kongs are a great choice and they can be filled will healthy treats.
Choose what is appropriate for your size and temperament of pet.


Every short-haired dog wants to be fashionable and warm while in the cold outdoors. Choose a coat that is washable, easy to use and of course figure friendly.

Collars and leashes are fashion accessories too. Practicality is important too.

Cats should wear breakaway collars. These collars will open when caught on something. Retractable leashes are great while taking a stroll in the park. Leather leashes are more practical and nice on the hands while walking on the sidewalk.


A new carrier for your cat or small dog can be a great investment. Plastic carriers should open easily and lock on the front. It is also important that the top of your carrier be easily removed. This is an alternate way to remove your pet if they are not cooperating.

Carrying bags with zippers are now available for cats and dogs. They are much easier to carry, lighter weight and easier to store. They are also less awkward and fit into the car better. Make sure your pet has enough room to stand up, turn around and lie down. A cozy blanket on the inside is nice too.

Time & Love

All the toys in the world cannot make up for love and attention. The holidays can be very hectic, so make sure to set aside quality time for your pet.


Have a safe & happy holiday!  From the staff at the Thickson Road Pet Hospital, Whitby!!

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