RVT Spotlight – Shannon

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20150678Years as an RVT: 8 years

Special interests within the veterinary field: rehabilitation (physiotherapy) and internal medicine

Why did you decide to be an RVT? In my third year of University I got a job working at the animal research facility on campus. This is where my love for animals and medicine merged together and I decided to apply to tech school.

Favourite part of being an RVT: Who doesn’t love a nice puppy/kitten snuggle 😉 But I would have to say seeing all my patients grow over the years.


Least favourite? Discussing finances with owners.   I would love to be able to treat everything, but treatment does have a cost, and I find this the hardest part of working in this field.

Most memorable case? A dog that had impaled itself on a piece of driftwood when jumping off a dock.   Surgery was done to remove the wood and close up the wound.

Furry family members of your own: Trix, a 10 year old hound cross.   Mama, a 12 year old dwarf rabbit.

What is your favourite colour? Purple

Favourite Holiday? Christmas

Favourite food? Pasta

Favourite drink? Daytime – tea, nights out –ciders or a good strawberry daiquiri 😉

What do you do for fun outside of work? Enjoy family time with my husband and two children. Outside of that, I enjoy reading, cooking and photography.




What Co-workers think of Shannon?

  • “We are so happy to have Shannon back after her maternity leave. Her calm demeanor and quiet confidence are a great asset to all of us.”
  • “Shannon is our best resource in stressful situations.  She is calm and ready for anything.  She is also most helpful in post-operative recoveries and has developed most of our physiotherapy exercises for orthopedic surgeries.”
  • “Shannon is also a long time employee, she has the quiet wisdom and knowledge to overcome any obstacles in her way.  Shannon is also a very strong woman, with two small children and a full time job she is a mother like no other!”
  • “I haven’t known Shannon for very long as she recently came back from maternity leave, but I can already see that she would bend over backwards to get any task done.”
  • “Shannon is an exceptional technician, from her admirable skills to her super intelligence. Shannon is able to act fast and think logically on her toes. We have a lot of fun together at work but can also recognize when we need to be serious and attentive.”
  • “Shannon has a calm and quiet nature that balances so well with the busy clinic environment. She provides that assurance and safety for her patients and their owners. She is able to multitask and think 5 steps head, anticipating the needs of the veterinarian and her patients.”




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