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RVT Spotlight – Mandy

By November 3, 2016 Uncategorized

 Years as an RVT:  15 yearsMandy pic

 Special interests within the veterinary field:  Anesthesia & pain management, laboratory procedures, marketing & hospital management.

 Why did you decide to be an RVT? I am able to combine my passion for science/medicine with my love of animals. 

 Favourite part of being an RVT: That moment when my patient and I make an emotional connection with each other.



Least favourite? When incurable illnesses effect young patients, shortening their lives.

Most memorable case?  A happy, bouncing dog had a routine blood test performed during the annual exam. The results revealed a serious blood cancer.  The early detection allowed treatment and increased the dog’s longevity. 

Furry family members of your own: “Katie”, brown tabby with white cat, 17 years.  Adopted at 1 year of age.

“Leo”, Yorkshire Terrier, 12 yea
rs old.  Adopted at 6 years of age.  I am his fourth owner.

                                                                           What is your favourite colour? Purple 



Favourite Holiday? Christmas

Favourite food? Italian

Favourite drink? Diet Coke 

What do you do for fun outside of work? Family time first. Obsession with Game of Thrones & The    Walking Dead. 




What do Mandy’s co-workers say about her?

  • “Mandy is the queen of organization!   She makes sure every policy and safety measure is in place to make sure the clinic is always running smoothly and to its full potential at all times.   Her quick thinking and experience provide the right balance required to ensure every pet is treated adequately. Her passion for surgery and anesthesia have kept our treatment protocols to the utmost standards, meaning your pet is getting the best of the best.   Mandy truly is one of a kind and we couldn’t do it without her (seriously!).”
  • “Mandy is always thinking ahead.  She has everything out for us often before we realize what we need.  She keeps our staff informed of anything new and is the reason that we all get along as well as we do.”
  • “Mandy shines in her organization and attention to detail. Her vast knowledge and dedication to her patients mean that the pets in our care are always very well cared for. “
  • “Mandy is the backbone of the clinic, she is hardworking and determined to keep the clinic running like a tight ship.  She always has the answers and keeps us all calm no matter what emergencies come through our doors.”
  • “Mandy keeps everything a float, and has been nothing but generous to me as well as her team.”
  • “Mandy is extremely knowledgeable, she has an incredible attention to detail and does an amazing job at managing our clinic. I love talking to Mandy; not just about patients and cases but also about day to day life. She always has the answers to my questions and encourages my new ideas and methods.”


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