Scratching is a normal cat behaviour. It allows cats to mark their territory visually and with scent. Scratching assists cats with nail conditioning and whole body scratching, as well as balance, climbing and self-defence.

• Provide scratching posts or other suitable surfaces to scratch.
• Use pheromone products to redirect the cat to more suitable scratching locations. See more information about the Feliscratch and Feliway Pheromones.
• Double sided tape to deter cats from scratching furniture.
• Regular nail trims.
• Artificial nail covers. Check out Soft Paws.
• Increase daily exercise and play to promote mental stimulation and decrease frustration.
• Avoid games with your hands and feet that encourage the cat to see the human parts as prey.
• Lots of positive reinforcement for appropriate behaviour by using treats, catnip, affection and praise.

Provided by Ontario Veterinary Medical Association

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